ARKU FlatMaster® 88 200

Friday 4th December marked an important day for Wrightform, along with the metal fabrication industry, due to the arrival of the ARKU FlatMaster ® 88 200.

All of its 47,000kg construction travelled over from Germany safely and securely with the help of an enormous crane. It was a challenging procedure for the experienced and skilled operators to get this immense machinery into position, but it was managed with great success.

It has been fitted, commissioned and the operatives have been trained, so the Wrightform team are raring to go!

“Wrightform are pleased to announce that the ARKU FlatMaster® 88 200 is securely in place and it’s already producing superb leveling results.”

Steve Larkins, Business Development Manager
Steve Larkins standing next to the revolutionary machine.

The success doesn’t stop there following the smooth delivery of one of the largest commercially available flattening machines in the UK, it is now completely set up ready for customers to experience the revolutionary technology for themselves.

“Customers are already benefitting from its accurate flattening ability and Wrightform are excited to offer this round the clock service to all our customers, both existing and new.”

Ken Rose, Company Director,
3 Company Directors, Mark Rose, John Wilby and Ken Rose standing proudly next to the ARKU FlatMaster® 88 200.

If you are eager to find out more about the new and exclusive to Wrightform ARKU FlatMaster® 88 200, we are pleased to welcome your stress-relieving, flattening enquiries.

We also have more information on our ARKU FlatMaster® 88 200 page.

Watch the FlatMaster 88200 video here.

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